When the group was formed in 1989 one of the first tasks performed by the new group was to appoint a Welfare Officer, as the main aim of the CHSG was to support and help heart patients and their carers.


The Welfare Officer's remit was to keep in touch with any of our members who fell sick either in their home or in hospital, this was accomplished by keeping in touch by phone, visiting in hospital and at home, be of help and assistance where possible.


Over the years the Welfare position has grown, and with the group now having a rolling membership of 400, the solitary Welfare Officer has now grown to a team of the Welfare Secretary, Welfare Administrator, and 5 other Welfare Officers. The care cover has also increased with a get well card being sent to all sick members and personal visits arranged. Every sick person on their recovery receives either flowers or fruit depending on their choice.


The Welfare Team are always looking for ways to improve the care of our sick members.


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